A New Feel to Old Coin Shops

Edmond Coins opened its doors in 2014 under the new ownership of Casey Tilford to introduce a new feel to old coin shops. Edmond Coins specializes in appraising and purchasing collections consisting of Rare Coins, Currency, Gold and Silver Bullion. We carry a large inventory of Rare Coins and Currency as well as Gold and Silver Bullion. We also offer a wide variety of publications and supplies. Customers can expect to be met by a warm smile from our knowledgeable staff.

About the Owner, Casey Tilford

An Early Introduction to Coins

This story begins in 1998 when Casey, age 8, was given some foreign coins and currency by some relatives and that began his interest in collecting and enjoying coins, Casey then went to an antique store in Guthrie, OK and made his first actual purchase-some Indian Head Cents and Buffalo Nickels. 

At age 9, Casey’s dad introduced him to the owner of Edmond Coins at his coin shop inside an antique mall in downtown Edmond. Casey bought a few Large Cents and other coins, adding to his collection. In fact, Casey’s entire allowance would be spent buying coins week after week.

Learning the Coin Business

In 1999, Edmond Coins moved from the small area in the antique mall to a storefront just across from the main post office in downtown Edmond. Casey continued to spend his weekly allowance on coins─developing a passion for collecting. After several months, the store owner offered Casey a position to help around the store. Casey would put stamps on mail, take out the trash, sort coins, help customers at the counter and do other odd jobs. He was learning the coin business.

As he spent more and more time at the coin shop expanding his skills, Casey was able to assess and appraise collections brought into the store for evaluation. While most children his age were playing sports or video games, Casey was learning about business and the coin industry─all before age 16. Casey worked as much as his parents would let him: after school, on Saturdays and during school holidays. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable.

In the summer of 2006 when he was 16, Casey attended the American Numismatic Association’s ‘Summer Seminars’ in Colorado Springs, This is where numismatists go to learn more about the hobby from fellow collectors and industry experts. While having a great time and learning more about the industry, Casey was approached by one of the nations’s largest coin grading service-the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Casey so impressed NGC with his skill that they offered him an internship during the summer of 2007 grading coins at their headquarters in Florida. During this internship Casey was offered a job for full-time employment but turned down their offer of full-time employment preferring to stay in Oklahoma and continue working for Edmond Coins. 

In 2008, Casey left Edmond Coins and went to work for another local coin shop while he finished high school. He worked there for 5 years learning additional skills and, eventually, managing the store for his final 2 years while there. But Casey’s passion was always to own a store of his own. 

Reopening Edmond Coins

Casey and the former owner of Edmond Coins remained friends throughout the years and while having dinner one night the topic was brought up about Casey opening a store of his own someday. The two spent many hours together discussing how they could make this happen. The former owner wanted to help Casey without being an owner. Casey needed some guidance to get the business up and running. Together they worked for the next few months detailing a business plan, building out the location of 3409 South Broadway in Edmond thus making Casey’s Dream a reality. Casey opened his store with the help of his friend September 2, 2014. A true story about a young man who worked hard to realize his dream.